Auto Repairs

Our expert mechanics are ASE certified and our commitment to quality is second to none. We are outfitted to provide you with all of your tire sales, service & car care needs. Come to our Car Care Center and experience the difference a trained staff and a well stocked inventory can provide.

Car Tires & Truck Tires

Our selection of tires is unmatched in the area. Check out our product line for a complete listing of tire manufacturers. We install only the best tires available and we stand behind each and every one.

Wheel Alignments and Tire Balancing

Keep your car in tip-top shape with a regular wheel alignment and balancing. Do you feel a vibration at high speeds? Let us inspect your front-end for wear and tear.


Let us replace your shocks and struts and save wear and tear on your front end. A worn shock absorber or strut can not only damage your car, but can cause you to lose control.


A regular tune up will improve your fuel efficiency and gas mileage. Install new spark plugs, rotor caps and filters frequently to extend the life of your car.


We are Front Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive and 4x4 Specialists. Regular maintenance will prevent costly problems in the future.


A quiet car is more relaxing and comfortable to drive. A new muffler will reduce your stress level and prevent costly tickets.


This is one of the most important parts of your car. We install only top-quality brake pads and rotors. Let us check your brake fluid and make sure your brakes are operating correctly.

Cooling Systems

Stop in for a radiator cleaning and flush. We will check your anti-freeze levels and replace your coolant to keep your car running at the optimum temperature.

Air Conditioning

Don’t wait until it’s 95 degrees to have you’re AC checked. We’ll do a complete check of your air conditioning system, check for leaks and recharge your system as needed.

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